Big Game Stories

No permit is required to hunt our beers. The only thing needed is the adventurous desire to track 10 pointers. And we make it easy for you to trap these magnificent beers by associating them with iconic figures as big as the Northern sky.


Learn about the stories behind the symbols below.


sites/default/files/I- Hellcat.JPGSplinter Cat - Hellion Midwest India Pale Ale

The hellcat aptly represents the assault on your palette that will be unleashed by our Midwest India Pale Ale — Hellion. A minion of the devil himself, the hellcat is said to terrorize the Northern Highlands with a ferocity unmatched by any other living thing. The wise man avoids its territory, which is marked by the stumps and splinters of obliterated trees. But for those either adventurous or possessed, Hellion’s massive amounts of hops and higher alcohol content will give the drinker a rare, ephemeral glimpse of its gnashing bite.


sites/default/files/I- 2 Header Bear.JPGTwo-Headed Bear - Berserker Midwest Heavy Duty Ale

As ferocious as the roiling, storm-driven Great Lake waters in a November gale. As gentle as powdery snow draped on a fence-line. The North’s dual nature is apparent in the landscape around us. This split personality mirrors the legendary two-headed bear and the beer it adorns: Berserker Midwest Heavy Duty Ale. It’s a beer that will make you crazy for more. 


sites/default/files/I- Giant Lumberjack.JPGGiant Lumberjack - Humongous Midwest Red Ale

Enormous, powerful, iconic — there’s no legend as easily identifiable with the North as Paul Bunyan. That’s why we put the big man on our beer with the biggest name:  Humongous. So take a pointer from Paul: when you’re done felling the days tasks, grab your babe and knock down a hearty, yet smooth, ale that would satisfy the most grizzled, giant lumberjack.