Our Lair


The Grizzly Peak family of beers are brewed and bottled at a our new 70,000-square-foot den tucked away in Dexter, MI.  The construction process started in 2012 and we made our move in early 2013.  Every nuance and detail of the 51.5 barrel brewing system was driven by Master Brewer Ron Jeffries exacting requirements.

In line with Grizzly Peak’s dedication to conservation, we brew by a simple philosophy: give back to the environment and Mother Nature will be very good to you. That’s why:

  •  Spent grains from the brewing process feed local cattle at Tarntre Farms.
  • We buy hops from the local Old Mission Hop Exchange to support our local growers and ensure we use the freshest hops
  • Our brewery employs a Clean-in-Place (CIP).When their useful life runs out, we dilute them so that there is no environmental impact whatsoever
  • We use high-quality bottles, which reduces the amount of breakage
  • The water used to cool down the beer as it leaves the brewhouse goes back to the hot liquor tank and is used for the very next batch, thus recapturing nearly 100% of the heat out of the beer
  • And more

It’s a simple approach — both environmentally and economically. By taking these steps, we can recapture as much heat, use as scant raw materials and waste as little as possible.

All beer hunters know that conservation just makes sense. And keeps the beer flowing as abundantly as possible.




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