Our Team

Ron Jefferies
Managing Partner and Master Brewer
Ron Jeffries is responsible for Northern United Brewing Company’s Jolly Pumpkin line of beers brewed in Dexter, MI. He also collaborates with the Grizzly Peak Series. As brewmaster, Ron’s goal is worldwide recognition as a brewer and creator of beers of outstanding art and grace, a philosopher of things beery, and an outspoken advocate of the slower, finer life. Ron began studying brewing science in 1991-ish with one eye always towards opening his own brewery. He began brewing professionally in 1995, and quickly became a well-known and respected brewer in Michigan’s emerging craft beer scene. Driven and dedicated, he progressed from brewer, to craftsman, to artist, and most recently to philosopher and visionary. Beginning to learn to step back, and decelerate the hectic pace of modern life to a slower, more livable, more enjoyable walk, he learned to smile and laugh, and was finally able to open his own brewery (Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales) in the summer of 2004.


Tony Grant
Chief Financial & Chief Operating Officer
Tony Grant joined the team in mid-2012 serving as the chief financial and chief operating officer with an immediate primary focus of working with the executive team to develop the near and long-term strategies for the Company and NUBC as well as day-to-day overall management of the company.

Tony has more than ten years of Fortune 500 experience in strategic finance, operations and executive management in retail, commercial and industrial real estate and manufacturing operations. Tony comes to the Company and NUBC after most recently serving as director of global corporate development with Owens Corning where he focused on all aspects of worldwide acquisition and divestiture activity and various strategic projects for the company. Prior to Owens Corning he served as an executive officer and vice president of strategic planning, real estate and international franchise operations, for Borders Group where he also managed various asset dispositions and worked very closely with major shareholders and the company's board of directors. Tony was also the architect of and managed Borders very successful airport bookstore expansion across the U.S. earlier in his career with the company. He has spent over half of his career in international markets including China, India, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East where he both ran operations and transacted for both Owens Corning and Borders.

Tony received his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering with an emphasis in electromagnetic fields and waves in 2002 and an MBA with emphasis in finance and corporate accounting in 2005 both from Michigan State University where he also played varsity football under Nick Saban and Bobby Williams.


Jon Carlson & Greg Lobdell
Managing Partners
Both Jon and Greg bring extensive business backgrounds to NUBC, but their life long passion for beer, wine, spirits, and great food is what makes their contributions to NUBC important.  Jon and Greg have been best friends since the age of 7, where they grew up on the Old Mission Peninsula (Home of the Secret Forest Hideaway where many of the NUBCo beers are created).  Jon and Greg developed a passion for craft beer in Ann Arbor while attending the University of Michigan.  After years of research drinking some really good beer and way too many uninspiring beers, Jon took an enormous leap into the craft beer industry when he opened Grizzly Peak Brewing Company in 1993 with business partner Chet Czaplicka. Jon, and Ron Jeffries all collaborated on the opening where they developed a mutual respect for each others talents and passion for creating great beer.  Jon and Greg developed a great respect for what Ron and Laurie Jefferies created in Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales and began to collaborate with them in 2004.
Everyone on the team continued work on very successful projects individually, as well as continuing to work together on special projects for the past two decades before all re-joining forces to become partners in NUBC in 2008 and 2009.  Jon and Greg have a passion for collaboration with like minded, passionate and talented people. They have been managing the business side of NUBC since they created it in 2008.  They formed a strong partnership with Ron and Laurie Jefferies and Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales and have worked hard to expand the amount of beers being made.  Together, they created a new production facility, expanded the brand portfolio of NUBC, developed three new restaurants and tasting rooms, and expanded the distribution of Jolly Pumpkin, North Peak, Grizzly Peak, Civilized, and Bonafide brands.  Many more great expansion projects are in the works that will allow them to continue to work with Ron to create great beer, wine and spirits!


Megan Glunz
Marketing Associate
Megan recently moved from Colorado to Michigan to pursue her dream of working in the craft beer industry. With a degree from the University of Hawaii and a background in Marketing, Megan wanted to align her career with her passions. A lover of craft beer and an aspiring outdoorswoman, she happily made her home in Northern Michigan. She joined the NUBC team to assist with events and social media marketing. Based in Traverse City, Megan works to represent the NUBC brands in the community and statewide through brewery events and online through fan engagement.